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My 10 years on facebook.

I have been on Facebook for about ten years now.

Initially, Facebook was new, shiny and super exciting. I was at university and had tones of time to waste it was fun to connect with friends with other means besides MSN and yahoo chat.  I loved the Eyesores- ugly cute creatures you can paste on your friends's wall.

People's Facebook pages grew with them. At university, Facebook was about parties and drunken 21st birthdays. Then came graduation. First job. Better job. Holidays. Better holidays. Weddings. And more expensive weddings. First kids, and a deluge of pictures of first kids. Stupid videos, useless links, and online storm-in-a-teacups.

Somewhere in the landslide of information overshared is the relevant information that I need to know. It's nice to know the girl who sat next to me in the lab has just welcomed twins. It's nice to know my childhood best friend is travelling in India and Nepal working for a wonderful NGO. Anything else, such as ostentatious displays of weath, annoys me greatly. It feels as though people are living out the fantasy lives on Facebook.

That's why I now rarely read my Facebook feed.

The handful of times I am on Facebook to access information in the closed professional groups I am in, it's more like accessing a drive-through, I am on, I access the information I need, then I am off. I don't linger on Facebook.  I no longer feel like Facebook is wasting my precious mental space with mostly junk information.

I now connect to people in real life, individually. I sms. I ring people. I share photos of my son with people I care about via sms. It feels more satisfying to connect with people this way.

And for now, I'd say I am extremely happy with my limited use of social media.